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Cool A "public beta" mount/unmount surprise for you.

Attached is a small preview from the next version of SuperDuper: a public beta of the new "schedule driver" that will automatically mount and unmount backup volumes without any manual intervention.

Note: the script will only automatically mount when you've got a backup directly targeted at a local volume. It does not handle the case where you have a sparse image stored on an unmounted local volume: at script time, I just don't have enough information to be able to handle that situation reliably. (Of course, SuperDuper! will continue to mount the intermediate volume automatically when you store the imag eon a network drive.)

Note that there may be some cases where identically named volumes don't work as expected: there's little I can do about that at present -- but this should improve most normal cases, while not degrading existing cases any further. (As you might expect, we never want to have regressions with a change like this.)

A small ZIP of the script is attached to this message. Unzip it, and then place the file inside SuperDuper!'s Resources folder, in the application bundle, replacing the one that's already there.

To get there, control-click on SuperDuper!, and choose "Show Package Contents". Then, navigate to Contents, then Resources, and there you'll find the existing "Copy Job Script.template".

Replace that with this one, and then (this is important) re-create your scheduled copies.

You can then unmount your backup drive, and it should automatically mount/copy/unmount if it's unmounted -- if mounted, it won't unmount at the end.

Enjoy, and let me know how it works for you.
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