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Hi Dave,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, I took a look at my Login Items in my new SD image (under System Preferences -> Users -> my profile) and found the email and OmniOutliner listed. I checked out my Login Items in my profile on my main (source) hard drive and they were not there.

Those two items were triggered even in the first SD boot of my new image, so there is no way that I could have accidentally added them. I did have a fair number of old "Unknown" items in my original Login Items on the source hard drive. Perhaps during the SD process two of those were somehow converted into the two new ones?

The two things that opened were expecially strange - an email that I hadn't opened since May 2004 (before I had migrated to this PowerBook), and OmniOutliner, which I don't think I ever had opened and which I didn't even know I had on this computer!

Anyhow, I cleaned up my Login Items on my source hard drive and ran SD over night. This morning I checked out both sets of Login Items and they are now the same. It might be useful if other users would examine their two (or more) sets of Login Items to see if anything similar is happening.

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