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Newbie needs advice for Tiger install prep

Greetings - I am trying to prepare my G5 for installation of Tiger, from my current 10.3.9. A how-to found on MacFixIt suggested using SuperDuper! to create a backup first. It looks like a great product. The trouble is that I've read through the User Guide twice and, owing to my own ignorance and mental roadblocks about clones, images, etc., I really don't understand which of the many options I should be pursuing. So in essence, I need someone to tell me exactly what to do right now so that I can get on with my Tiger install instead of spending a few hours learning the SD application, and possibly messing up my data. I'd rather just install Tiger and hope for the best. I'm not lazy or stupid, but I need to get Tiger going ASAP in order to get some other urgent work done. Thanks in advance to anyone who can guide me through this.

I have a pair of 160 GB drives internal to the G5. The boot drive has about 100 GB of space used up. The second drive has only about 60 GB available. The second drive is not partitioned, and has folders and files on it, some of which are unique to that drive (archival material) and some which are current backups of important documents from my boot drive that I don't want to lose.

Please advise, thanks!!
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