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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
1. You don't have to do anything special with APFS encrypted clones. It's easiest to copy unencrypted, boot from the backup and turn encryption on, but you can also format as encrypted and Smart Update to it.
If I may dig a bit deeper. I have been reorganizing my backups, some of which have moved to a new big APFS formatted drive.

These don't really need to be bootable but I'd rather all clones be done the same way and my primary clones are bootable on HFS+ volumes.

I prepared these by installing High Sierra to fresh APFS volumes, logging on and activating FileVault, then doing Smart Updates. (version 3.1.4)

Two questions:

1. I'm getting UpdatePreboot errors After Successful Copy, which I believe you have mentioned previously.

( 01:01:39 PM | Info |       UpdatePreboot: Exiting Update Preboot operation with overall error=(0=success)=-69568
| 01:01:39 PM | Error | Error: -69568: An APFS crypto user was not found in the Open Directory user database
Is this a result of the way I set things up? Any solution?

2. When I can I tend to avoid copying first and encrypting after, fearing that the plaintext files might not be sufficiently wiped in the process. Is this concern not justified? Might copying first solve the Preboot issues?

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