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SD completion alert and ejecting

I need to simplify SD usage for a user who is not very computer literate. There are two things I need some help with:

1. I know that SD works with Growl, but is it possible to have SD use the alert sound specified in System Preferences to alert the user that the copying is complete?

2. The user I'm helping has an external USB drive that has two partitions. Both are used for alternating SD backups. Problem is when the drive is connected obviously both partitions are mounted. No problem, but unfortunately once the SD copying is complete if I use the option "On successful completion: Eject <destination>" the other partition is still mounted. If you eject one of the partitions in the Finder you get a message asking if you want to eject only that one or all partitions on that drive. How can I automate this for SD, so that the user doesn't have to manually eject the remaining partition and can simply unplug the drive when SD is done?

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