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PGP Whole Disk Encryption

I am trying to backup an UN-encrypted iMac to an external drive which is encrypted with PGP's Whole Disk Encryption. The reason I'm backing up from an unencrypted source to an encrypted target is because the backup USB drive will be taken offsite for storage. I can't encrypt the iMac because it has a boot camp partition.

I have searched the forums, and I *know* you're supposed to tell SD to ignore the PGPWDE01 file. I did that. However, since the source doesn't have that file (only the target), SD erased the file anyway, even though I told it to ignore that file on the target.

Any way to instruct SD to ignore files that exist ONLY on the target drive, and NOT on the source drive? You said that v2.6 will work with PGP WDE out of the box, so will that version take this aspect into account? I'm assuming 2.6 will come out sometime after Snow Leopard...?

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