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Can I Clone the Boot Disk to a Larger Disk?

I've got a number of factors which complicate what I want to do so I'm going to layout the whole scenario for you.

I bought a used Intel Mac Pro w/ four internal 750MB hard drives. The first disk is the boot disk. The other three disks are in a software raid-00 array. The boot disk also has a 13GB Parallels partition with Windows Vista.

So what I want to do is clone my boot disk to a bare 1TB SATA drive I have and plug it into the first disk position in the computer. The complexity is that I don't want to mess with the other three drives for fear I'll loose all my data because they are in a raid-0 array.

What's the best solution to this? Is the Parallels partition going to screw things up? Can I backup that partition to a separate drive and then restore it later if I want?

Somebody gave me a USB to SATA converter. Can I clone the boot drive using that and then expect it to work when plugged into the SATA slot in the computer?


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