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Disk Image versus volume root?

Hey, I use SuperDuper! to back up my MacBook's internal 74GB hard drive to a LaCie 233GB external disk.

By default, the backup takes up the whole LaCie volume, leaving ~150 GB of unused space on the external volume.

Fortunately, I realised that I can also back up to a Disk Image file on the LaCie, so that the rest of the volume can be spent for storing files that don't currently have on my MacBook's internal drive.

Now, my question is: how robust/error prone is the Disk Image format? I'm stuffing a million files into a single Disk Image, and I just can't help but to wonder if some kind of file corruption occurs in the Disk Image on my external back up drive, is it all lost forever? When backing up to the volume root instead of Disk Image, I can see all the files there as separate entities - if one of them gets corrupted, I figure that the rest will still work fine.
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