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help with recovering after tiger

I just bought Tiger--had no problems installing with just "upgrade" on iMac G4 yesterday--everything works beautifully.
However, I tried to install Tiger on my G4 Powerbook with lots of problems.
After installation and restart I could only get the "spinning beach ball". Could not launch or use any applications--or even eject the install DVD.
I tried "archive and install" with the same problem.
Luckily, I purchased SuperDuper and backed up to an OWC ext FW hard drive, but I can't seem to restore.
2 questions/issues:
All I want is to restore my old system (10.3.9) which was working just fine.
I followed your instructions (holding down option key during start up) but the external drive is not given as a choice to select--just the HD.
I was finally able to get to Disk Utility on the new OS but after selecting the source and destination I got the spinning beach ball--no results.
If I can get this restore function to work will the old OS be re-installed?
Any other ideas/solutions to get back up and running?
If anyone has any ideas about how to install Tiger let me know--though I am skittish to even try again.
Many thanks,


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