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Shell scripting

Hello there.
First let me say that I think SuperDuper is a very elegant piece of software, clearly there was (and is even more for 2.0) a lot of thinking put into the UI, and it shows. Great stuff, thanks! I almost never find software valuable enough to buy, but this one clearly was.

Anyway, even though I've been a Mac user since '84, I'm much more comfortable using Unix command-line scripting than the very awkward English-like Applescript. Is there any thought on making SuperDuper command-line scriptable in 2.0? I read you're redoing the scheduling, and I was thinking about being able to do something like:

/Applications/SuperDuper!.app/runSD --verbose --script=/Users/me/Documents/fullWeekly.sds

And if the .sds file could be a little more text editor friendly (no base64 encoding of volume name if possible), then we'd get the best of everything: The ability to run backups from the command line in ssh, as well as the ability to schedule from SD or cron/launchd.

My apologies if this has be rehashed many times before.

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