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Happy Birthday, Dave!

Sorry you have to spend so much time getting SD! to support Leopard.

Btw, I have a small licensing question. The hard drive on my wife's G4 iMac died. I could not even boot from the FireWire drive. We took it to the Apple store, where they could do no better. I was planning to replace her iMac next weekend, so we did it today instead, bringing home a new iMac. I decided I'd like to have a clean install of Leopard, which is now underway (about 9 minutes left). I figure on using Migration Assistant to get her few non-Apple applications onto the new iMac. I guess I won't move SuperDuper yet, if it's not quite Leopard-ready. When that time comes, however, can I just download the updated version onto her iMac? I have a licensed version, installed on my G5 PM and our iBook, in addition to her dead G4. Will the update be looking for an old version or how will it know that we're licensed?

No big hurry on this. I guess we'll need to get another external drive for her iMac--bigger and with FireWire 800. Then we'll just get by with TimeMachine until SD is ready. I'm really glad about TimeMachine. It seems the perfect complement to SD, which has been wonderful.

Many happy returns of the day, youngster!
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