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Very similar question to Mr. Coffee's: multiple back-ups

We have a small ethernet LAN at home: w/an Igloo G4, a AlPB G4 and a somewhat older G4 Tower (digital audio, I think). Alll presently running Panther.

I'm hoping to devise an easy back-up system similar, if not identical to Mr. Coffee's, posted below.

Alternatives (as near as I can tell) not yet purchased:

1 large external HD, w/partitions, attached to the Igloo, requiring back-up of the two other Macs via the ethernet (I'm not worring about speed, particularly). Each Mac is partitioned with either 3 or 4 volumes.

2d alternative would have a separate ext HD for each Mac, directly connected, respectively.

Query: will SuperDuper make a perfect copy of each Mac's via either alternative arrangement, or is the ethernet "a problem". Will "bootabiliity" only result from copying to a directly connected drive, or can that feature be accomplished over the LAN.

I'm pretty naive about all this, as you can see.

Thanks for any/all informed opinions
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