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I have been playing with 2 external firewire hds lately;

Maxtor One Touch 500 gig
Western Digital 300 gig firewire/sata

I prefer to use pgp with these external hds but I would not even bother with it. I have spent hours with superduper, pgp, and osx and they do not play well because of pgp mostly.

The Maxtor 500 gig did boot to the firewire drive directly after a superduper backup but I would stay away from the drive.

The Western Digital 300 gig firewire/sata seems like a nice drive but it will not boot directly to the firewire drive even after a fresh install of osx to the drive.

It does show up under the system preferences, startup disk, but as we all know trying to boot to the firewire drive that way never works.

I always use the option key on boot up but that does not work either as of yet.

I will try some of the other boot commands but it is wierd the drive shows up as an option under the startup disk choices.

I will post an update if I resolve this.

If you want to avoid all this stuff try an old seagate external (fw) hd the one that comes in the big square yellow boxes (300/400 gig).

Those drives have worked flawlessly for me over the years with superduper and osx.

Cheers :-)
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