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I'm now able to recognize and boot from the externally cloned Maxtor OneTouch 4 disk drive! By holding down my "Option" key on power up, and holding it a few seconds, I got two big icons right in the center of my screen. I chose the orange USB disk icon and up it came. Excellent! I'm still not sure why when I formatted my external Hitachi in the case, that it was formatted as GPT with no intervention on my part. I formatted the OneTouch yesterday exactly that way I did the Hitachi, and the "default" behaviour was Master Boot Record mode.

Anyway, a few lessons learned and hopefully if others want to pick up a Maxtor OneTouch 4 320GB USB disk at Sam's Warehouse/Sam' Club, they were $95.
By having a few extra drives around, dedicated to doing nothing but SuperDuper!
backups, you really prevent catastrophic and timely downtime. My work on my
computer is worth a lot more than the $95 for the disk and + $27 into the SuperDuper!.

Thank you for a wonderful, easy to use, and completely MUST HAVE tool.
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