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But that just wipes out all "my" special midi/audio applications and their related system files.

I started out with all my files on the main hard drive then "cloned" a copy to the external drive using SuperDuper.

Then somewhere along the way the main hard drive file My Living Desktop got corrupted whereby that corrupted main hard drive was then cloned to the external drive. I was not aware of the corruption until several days after using the main drive and then trying the back updrive to realize both are corrupted.

Can SuperDuper clone the main drive similar to Apple's Time Machine whereby I can go back to a back up version that is not corrupted ?

At this time I feel that the SuperDuper back up process has proven to be costly in terms of dedicating an external hard drive to be a back up drive and a absolute waste of time because now I have to do a fresh install to the main drive.
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