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Spotlight corruption and cloning?

Hi Folks,
I have been using SD for a while now, quite successfully, thank you. Mostly I use it to make a complete backup of my boot drive. When Tiger first came out with spotlight, it was corrupting backups using Carbon Copy Cloner because Spotlight was running in the background. The practice was to put all drives being cloned into the private folder in spotlight which would keep them from being indexed. I have continued that practice with SD just to be safe, but every time I do, all indexes are destroyed and have to be rebuilt when I remove the disks from privacy mode.

I am wondering if this practice is no longer necessary with SD and Tiger 1.4.2. It makes me hesitant to back up as often as I should.


BTW, I found a nice little search program called Fox Trot, by makers of Powermail, that I think is faster and better than Spotlight.
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