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Question Help? Qs: Backup over 2 FireWire Netw'd Macs

Hi and thanks ahead of time because I know there's someone who is so much smarter and knowledgeable about this than I am. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but here goes:
I finally managed recently / previously not too very long ago to get my old B/W G3 and my 1.5 year-old imac G5 to connect via a firewire cable and created the original backup in a sparse image/dmg on a 300GB drive installed in my B/W G3. (at least I think that's what it was -- maybe it was just plain ole ethernet after all the attempts to make it work.)

I remember that originally it was EXTREMELY slow (around 1.2 mb/s) but I somehow tweaked around with it and got it up to around a whopping 40 MB/s, maybe a little faster but not much.

However, I've pretty much forgotten HOW I did that and the technique I just tried using -- via -- gave me a different-than-the first-time way but it successfully connected my two macs via firewire and once again resulted in less than 3 MB/s speed.
Does anyone know what the correct way (the faster way) to accomplish this is. Apparently 400mb/s is a myth based on theoretical speed? But 2MB/s is just unconscionable!

So any old mac/newer mac networking / superduper backup experts out there?

Extra newbie question: If I am networked via firewire between the two macs, does that mean I lose my DSL ethernet connection for my iMac automatically?

thanks and much appreciation for anyone who can help. I would guess there are others with similar dilemmas/questions...I did a few searches, but could not find this exact situation.
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