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Newly cloned internal drive slowly recognized.

Hi All,
I am a new SD user and just used it for the first time to clone the original drive on my Macbook Pro to a new larger and faster drive. Before backing up (or cloning) my old drive to the new one which I had in an eSata enclosure I used Disk Utility to partition and format the new drive using GUID. One thing I didn't do before doing the backup is zero out the new drive (whatever that means). The backup seemed to go well and once it was done I could boot to the new drive externally (using the usb conection).
I have now successfully installed the new drive internally and once booted it seems much quicker than my original drive (7200K vs 5400K). What has me concerned though is the large amount of time it seems to take my system to recognize the new drive. If I restart the computer will go to a white screen for at least a good 40 seconds before I see the Apple logo at which time it then boots quickly. I am wondering why such a long white screen- is this a result of not zeroing out something on the drive before backing up to it? Could this be a result of a larger drive 320GB vs 160GB originally?
If I did do something wrong with the backup process is there now a way I can re-do it with the original drive in an eSata/USB enclosure and the new one left internal so I won't have to go through the pain of removing it?
Thanks for any help offered! -Brent
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