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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
No, that's not true. All I/O is slowed down by encryption...and encryption does make it much harder to recover data from a drive, since it's all unreadable. But that's sort of the point.
Sure that's understood. The important thing though is that encrypted backups won't present any kind of problem if needed by the admin user for restoring data in Lion using SuperDuper! or Time Machine and it seems there is no problem in this respect.

In the past I tried the old FileVault and it dragged my old computer to a virtual standstill so it wasn't very practical but the new version seems to be a big improvement and I haven't noticed any kind of perceptible slow down at all, though this on an 8 Core Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram. I keep images and videos stored on separate internal drives that aren't encrypted so perhaps that also helps. The external drive is only FireWire 400 and encrypted so time will tell how much backup speed is affected...

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