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Copy Files problem

I have SuperDuper vers. 2.1.3 installed on my Mac running version 10.4.7.

When I try my initial copying of files from my hard drive to an ION 320GB external drive (this also happened on a 120GB LaCie external drive), I get to step 2 Copy Files. About 1/3 the way copied (257,837 of 629,307 files evaluated, 504 files copied. Effective copy speed 0.46 MG/s. 27.39 GBevaluated. 0.00 MB already up to date. 83.06 MB copied.) SuperDuper stalls. No changes after I've left it for several hours hours.

How do I get this step completed so I can make the ION drive bootable? Is there a conflict here?

Any help is appreciated.

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