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eaten disk space?


I have SuperDuper set-up to run at 6am and backup to an external disk. Today I was disconnected from the external disk at 6am, but SuperDuper ran & started backing up to a disk image it must have made itself, backing up until the disk space was zero, at which point it threw up an error message. I quit SuperDuper & ejected the disk but my hard disk was still at zero K. I restarted & got 300MB back, which I'm pretty sure was just the virtual RAM space, as I had around 3-4GB free beforehand.

Where does SuperDuper create this disk image when the chosen backup location is unavailable, so I can delete it and get my space back? Also, if I'm right about SuperDuper creating its own disk image & running the disk dry backing up itself onto itself, this behaviour maybe isn't such a good idea.

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