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Cloning external hard drive to Drobo

I am new to Superduper. I have searched the forum but I cannot find a solution to my problem.

I have an external hard drive that keeps all my music and photos that is rapidly filling up. I want to keep all this data on a drobo and I am looking for a way to clone the drive to the Drobo. I would then use the Drobo to hold all past and future data so this would not be a backup. I am hoping that then I will be able to disconnect the old drive and itunes and iphoto will see the cloned Drobo instead and I will have expandable storage. Is superduper a good solution for this?

Would I simply choose to "backup-all files"? If I choose to erase the Drobo and then copy the files from the source drive, will this create a problem with the Drobo?

Thanks for the help.
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