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Startup drive missing from "About this Mac"


I just successfully backed up and restored my "Macintosh HD" harddrive on my wife's MacBook Pro. It runs OS X 10.6.4 and everything went well, or so it seemed. I used "Backup all files" and "Restore all files" and the both the "Macintosh HD" and the backup HD are partitioned using GUID and Journaled file systems - as recommended. I got no errors - everything went fine.

However, after restoring the backup HD (using erase and restore) to Macintosh HD, when I boot the MacBook Pro (which works fine) and I look at the "About this Mac" tab there is no longer a startup volume listed. When I go into Mac OS system settings and look under startup drive, the startup drive is correctly listed as "Macintosh HD". I have tried restoring twice, but the issue remains.

When I boot directly from the backup HD, and go into the "About.." tab, the backup HD is correctly listed as the startup volume.

Is this an issue? Do you know what is going on?

Thank you for always providing good support (-:


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