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Unexpected Results using Smart Update

Using SD 2.1.2 (v79) to backup to external firewire drive.

I have 3 scheduled backups set up (daily, weekly, monthly). All 3 have the same settings: Backup - user files using Smart Update. Based on my understanding of Smart Update, it basically makes an exact duplicate of what you are backing up by adding/deleting those files that changed since the last backup.

I manually ran each backup and I got unexpected results. The "daily" image is 30.17 GB. Both the "weekly" and "monthly" images are 22.55 GB. I would expect all 3 to be the exact sme size given that I am using Smart Update.

What am I missing?

17" 1.83 GHz Intel iMac | 2GB RAM | 160GB HD | Mac OS X 10.5.6
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