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New to SD: One quick question

I'm so sorry for acting like a complete newb, and I thank you in advance for putting up with me!

I'm looking to create a bootable backup of my entire system drive, and would like to try super duper (free version) to do this task. THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING A FREE VERSION!!!

I have an external FW drive (as suggested in the manual) and it has been partitioned in two; "G5 backup" and "Audio backup" drive. I have used carbon copy cloner in the past, and have an old backup of my system already on the "G5 backup" partition. If I use SD to make a bootable backup of my current system drive to the 2nd partition (Audio backup) will it erase my old backup on the "G5 backup" partition? I dont think it will, as it should only erase the "audio backup" partition before duping, but I want to make 100% sure, as the manual doesn't address this scenario.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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