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Stop Spotlight from indexing a mirror volume?

I am trying out SuperDuper for my backup needs, but I am encountering an annoying issue. I want to mirror my HD to a partition on an external Firewire drive. When I use SuperDuper to do this, Spotlight indexes the mirror and I get duplicate items every time I do a search.

I have used the shareware application Spotless to disable indexing on the partition volume and delete all index files on all volumes. I then asked Spotlight to re-index, and STILL my backup mirror files show up in Spotlight searches. (Even though Spotless tells me that indexing is disabled for the mirror volume.)

I have read the FAQ posted here but am still confused. For example, the FAQ post says,

Now, open SuperDuper! In Options, there's a selection for a "Site Customization Script". Check the box, and select the "disable_spotlight" executable in the open panel.

However, I don't see the "Site Customization Script" check box on any screens. Do you mean "Run shell script after copy completes" check box in the Advanced tab options?

I would be very pleased if someone could give me a clear list of procedures to perform a mirror backup (Backup - all files, bootable) on a periodic basis using Super Duper and keep this volume from being indexed by Spotlight.

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