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First Backup on Catalina

I just did my first backup from Catalina. My backup was encrypted so I followed your instruction to do an Erase, Copy All and then boot the clone and turn on FileVault. The backup and boot were successful and the encryption process is now running. Do I need to wait for it to finish before I boot back into my internal drive?

Also, more curiosity than anything else. The backup summary showed 369,899 system files evaluated but 371,147 files copied. Similarly 1,101,350 data files evaluated but 1,127,910 files copied. Why are more files copied than evaluated?

Last question. After booting into the clone, I got a series of system messages that say Verifying <app name> where app name is any one of the apps in my application folder. I get these messages for apps compatible with Catalina such as SuperDuper! and apps that are not, such as Aperture. Any idea what the message indicates or what Apple is verifying?
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