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persistent "can't find target volume" message after getting new drive

I recently switched from a malfunctioning Maxtor One Touch III FireWire backup drive to a new Seagate FreeAgent Go USB drive. The new drive's volume's name is Backup, and I think the old one was named the same.

Now, every time I start SuperDuper!, it opens a dialog complaining that 'SuperDuper! cannot find target volume "Backup"', even though the new backup drive is attached and mounted, and once I press the Cancel button the Backup volume appears in the target dropdown menu, and pressing Copy Now works as normal.

Today I upgraded from whatever came before SuperDuper! 2.6 to 2.6 and then to 2.6.1, but I'm stilling seeing the problem. However, I have taken advantage of the new "backup on connect" feature to schedule a backup to happen when I connect the new drive to my Macintosh, and that works fine: once I connect the drive to my computer and Mac OS X mounts it, SuperDuper! starts up, doesn't complain about not finding the Backup volume, backs up my computer, and shuts back down.

It seems like that message about not being able to find the target volume "Backup" might make sense the first time I plugged in the new drive, but once I do a backup to the new drive, shouldn't SuperDuper! make its volume the new default volume and stop complaining about not finding the old volume named Backup?


p.s. I also have a couple of minor nits:

First, it'd be useful if there was some persistent message about the backup completing successfully, as I was away from my computer when the backup completed, and there was no obvious sign that it had completed successfully when I returned.

Presumably SuperDuper! would have told me if an error had occurred, but absence of an error still feels different than affirmation that everything is fine, which matters when it comes to backups, since people do them to feel safe. SuperDuper! normally is excellent about communicating state; this is the one place where I've missed it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion for how to provide it. A Growl notification wouldn't work, since it isn't persistent, and presumably you don't want to leave SuperDuper! running (especially not just for this one thing).

Second (and this is really minor, I know, but these things add up), the escape key should exit the "can't find volume" dialog!
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