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bootable backup on a Master boot partition scheme

Hello superduper users,

i'd like to partition my external hard drive so one partition can be used as a bootable backup and the other be an storage area for mac, linux and windows computers.

What's the partitioning scheme i should use on that external drive?

Can I make a Mac bootable partition if i have chosen the "Master Boot Record" partition scheme option(in Disk utility). If it's not going to be possible to boot from that partition, is it still a usefull copy of the mac's system - so that in the event of a disaster i could temporarily copy that backup onto another FW drive and bot from it.

I see disk utility also has an "GUID partition table" scheme option, which is described as required to boot from for an intel mac, and it allows the partition menu to offer Unix and MS-Dos formating, so is this the better option?

Thanx for guiding me i my first step to a safer world!!

macbook 2.16ghz intel core duo- 10.4.11
seagate barracuda 500Gb 7200.12
macally gs350sua enclosure

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