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Post Boot from FireWire HD

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Hm. When you say you got a wristwatch for a long time, it sounds to me like you have a problem on the FireWire bus or something. Anything else attached?
Nothing else attached. If there's a problem w/the FW bus, then I wouldn't think it would matter which keys I hit while booting--unless it was actually booting from the local HD and I didn't know it. Once a Mac is up, is there a way to tell which HD it's booted from?

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
When you indicated it started up before, did you tell SD! to start from the backup?
Yes. When I was done experimenting for the time being, I went into System Preferences and said to boot from the internal HD. Once I was up again, i ejected (and turned off power to) the external HD.

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