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LOVE SD! received an error today...

Dloaded SD! a couple of days ago, FANTASTIC app!

Made a clone of my iMac G5 250 Gb HD (only 50Gb used) on a 70Gb partition of a brand new newertech V2 250 Gb firewire. Everything worked great. Backed up again last night, no problems. Today it dawned on me that I should split the drive in half, for longevity of backups. So I erased using Disk utility to prep for SD! and split partitioned it.

I started to make my full backup again and about 3/4 of the way through a dialogue popped up saying an error had occurred making the copy. I hit ok and it continued the backup. I then cancelled the backup, opened Disk utility selected the destination partition and am in the final stages of zeroing it out to try again. (just to be sure)

I always log out and back in w/ shift down. Repair permissions before I start. Next time I'll restart the machine.

Anything immediately come to mind?
I'm running 10.4.6, wanted to backup before upgrading. I will try again as soon as the drive is finished.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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