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New Mac with APFS backing up to ext HFS+?

I split my new MacBook Pro's APFS internal SSD into three volumes (MBOSX, the system disk; MBUserData, with all user account data; and MBExtra, which is scratch I won't ever back up). These are all in the single container on that internal SSD.
I plan to continue the same backup strategy I did with my previous, non-APFS, MacBook: I back up MBOSX (used to be a partition, now an APFS volume) to a separate partition on the external HD, which I want to be bootable. I back up MBUserData (ditto) to one of several sparsebundles on a separate, large, partition on the same external HD. Are there any gotchas in this plan, in particular, backing up an APFS to a non-APFS drive? Do I need to worry about which snapshot gets backed up? (I don't know whether there are any snapshots; I haven't gotten my mind around how those work as yet.)
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