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Question Sparseimages

Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Well, if you enable the root user and schedule as that, we'll run when you're not logged in -- but I don't generally think that's a great thing to do.
I've gotten this to work, and up until about 2 weeks ago everything worked like a charm, except for the occasional "failed to mount drive" error. But, I recently ran out of room on my 120 GB external drive. I was backing up 2 internal drives, one of which contained 2 partitions. So, I created 3 partitions on my external to make it simple to backup. The problem with that was, I had to guess at the size of each partition, (considering "room to grow"). Anyway, long story short, I realized now I should have used the "sparseimage" feature which allows dynamic growth and only uses up actual disk spaced used in the sources. So here's my problem now: running the scheduled backups from "root" will not mount the sparseimages. I've tried all that I know to get them to mount (running separate shell script before SD runs, running shell script within SD before the copying begins, etc). Anyone know how to get sparseimages to mount when no one is logged in? If I can figure this out, I believe SD schedules will work again under "root".
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