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Yes, Growl does indeed rock. I'm such a n00b. I'll rack up all my previous work to an acedemic endevour.

So for those keeping score at home the final Idiot Proof SD! system is as follows:

0. Install SD! and Growl.
1. Install a second hard drive into the machine. Partition and formated the drive as one big volume labelled SuperDuper_Backup_Clone
2a. Used 'disktool -l' and 'diskutil info' to get the UUID of the new drive.
2b. Created an /etc/fstab file with the following entry to keep the drive from being automagically mounted on boot (so that the user won't store data on it):
UUID=uuid_from_step_2a none hfs rw,noauto 0 0
3. Created a script called /usr/local/bin/umount_clone. This script will remove the /etc/fstab file and then unmount the drive so that if you mount the drive in another machine it will show up and to make sure you can boot from the SD volume if needed.
rm /Volumes/SuperDuper_Backup_Clone/etc/fstab
theDisk=`diskutil list | awk '/SuperDuper/ {print $NF}'`
diskutil unmount $theDisk
4. Mount the drive using 'diskutil mount' command (Disk Utility will also work)
5a. Setup SuperDuper! to run a Smart Update backup from the internal drive to the "Clone" drive.
5b. Use the advanced option to run the /usr/local/bin/umount_clone script to when after the backup job completes.
5c. Schedule the backup Job
6a. Run a backup job so that SD! registers itself with Growl.
6b. Open the Growl Preferences pane, select the Application tab. Select the SuperDuper! application in the first box and mar the Scheduled Copy notifications as sticky.
7. Get yourself a cold beverage and use the change to register SD! .
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