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What next, with a new hard drive?

I put a new hard drive in my mac g5 tower. To cover my heinie, I both made a super-duper complete clone and put it on the G4 tower, and I simply moved the old hard drive down a slot and put the new one in the main slot. The hard drive hasn't melted down or anything, my boss just got a recommendation from someone that she get a new one before something like that happens.

I've looked through the forums but haven't seen my problem.

So the first 2 times I went to disk utility and tried to restore from the cloned image. About 1/8 of the way through, kernel panic. Then I tried to see if I could just take my stuff off the old drive and put it in the folders. Kernel panic.
I've since wiped and reinstalled tiger three times so as to make sure it's clean for the restore. But no matter where I look, I can't get really clear instructions about restoring, except the disk utility instructions, and those don't work. I did find something that said open superduper, and do it backward--to the new drive, from the disk image, but the new drive was greyed out.

I want my apps, my docs, my preferences and my libraries, and anything else I can't see but seem to really need.

What now?

Many thanks in advance.
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