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Macbook + Lacie FW drive: Can SuperDuper images be made bootable?

Somewhat confused about this topic, despite other threads here!

I have a white Intel MacBook, with a 300 GB Lacie Firewire drive storing sparse backups of the internal HDD. Disk Utility says the Lacie drive has "Apple_partition_scheme" with the volume on it having "Apple_HFS" format.

This is all working sweetly, but the Lacie drive doesn't seem to be bootable (Alt/Apple/Shift/Rubout does nothing - does it work on Macbooks? - and the Lacie drive doesn't show up in "System Preferences" / "Startup Disk").

Thanks to Shirt Pocket's timely support during an HDD upgrade last month, I do know that I can successfully restore a backup by booting from the MacOSX DVD, getting to a command shell and using 'asr' (sadly the Disk Utility on the MacOSX DVD has a broken 'Restore' tab otherwise the 'asr' trick would not be needed). So the vital stuff is all covered OK: it just seems a bit fiddly.

I'm just wondering whether there are any better options. Specifically, can I build the Lacie drive in some better way, so as to make it directly bootable for a speedier recovery another time? Or doesn't that work on intel Macbooks?

e.g. if I remove my internal HDD, boot the MacOSX DVD, then wipe the Lacie drive and install a minimal MacOSX system on it, will that do the trick? If so, are there any gotchas to watch out for, or is there a better way to go about all this?

Thanks in advance!

- Martin.
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