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A few newbie questions

I'm new to the Mac environment and have a few questions about SuperDuper. I just purchased a MBP with a 160Gb internal drive and now have about 60Gb used between the os and some of my migrated stuff. I have not yet installed SuperDuper so perhaps the answers to some of my questions will be self-evident to those of you already using the product.

1a) Say I take an external 1Tb FW drive (HFS+ format) and partition it into 10 partitions each of 100Gb (to allow for some additional things I expect to have on the MBP internal drive). I want to be able to save clone images as snapshots in-time, so I can revert to a previous snapshot even up to a year later. I presume that SuperDuper will allow me to choose which partition to 'clone' my internal drive to - is this correct?

1b) Let's assume that I have 10 clone images, one in each partition on the external drive. How would I tell SuperDuper which one clone to restore to the MBP?

1c) If I needed to boot into a specific clone image using target disk mode, can this be done? ie. internal drive dies and need to restore a specific clone to the new internal disk (maybe a dumb question to an experienced Mac user, sorry).

2) Does SuperDuper do a read-after-write compare to ensure that the target volume has an exact copy of the original files? If done, is it done as a separate 'verify' pass after the initial copy or at some other point in the backup process? I'm thinking of how Retrospect (PC version) offers an option to 'verify' a backup by doing a verification read comparison between files on the source and target. I didn't see anything in the SuperDuper user manual .pdf about this.

3) I see that SuperDuper has a 'Repair Permissions Before Copy' option. Will this repair permissions for a user whose user space is within a FileVault container? (backup will be run from a separate administrator account) Again, I'm new to the Mac so I'm not certain where/how file permissions are maintained.

Thanks for helping a newbie out.
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