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Cannot boot from Firewire drive using Option + Restart

I'm using a 900MHz G4 iBook running OS10.3.9. I have a LaCie 80GB Firewire Porsche Mobile hard drive that's been formatted HFS(journaled). I have done a complete backup and have been able to boot using the LaCie by selecting the LaCie as the start up volumn in System Preferences and restarting.
When I try to boot using the Option key plus Restart procedure, I never see the LaCie volume on the gray screen that comes up while I continue to hold the Option key. I get the curved arrow on the left, the Mac HD icon in the middle, and the right-pointing arrow on the right. If I click the right side arrow, the iBook boots properly from the Mac HD.

I'm stumped. When I go to Disk Utility and select the LaCie Firewire volumn, all the settings appear correct. I also have a 1.42 GHz IBook running OS 10.4.8 with a LaCie 80GB Firewire drive which boots properly using both startup protocols.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
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