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trouble with new drive


I'm a registered user of SuperDuper and I really like it. I'm having a bit of a problem, though. I've installed two new internal SATA drives in my Mac G4 (dual 867 Mirror Drive Door, OS 10.4.8). Prior to removing my older drives I did a complete backup onto a FireWire external drive so that I would have my system entirely preserved in order to seamlessly transfer it to my new internal drive. When I try to copy my backup from my external onto my new main drive SuperDuper tells me that it will copy over the files "except the temporary and system-specific files that Apple recommends excluding." I went ahead and did it last night but found that all of my apps (primarily Creative Suite 2 - I'm a designer) had lost their links for registration.

What I thought I was doing when I made the backup copy of my old internal to my external was making an exact copy of that drive so that I could copy it back over to my new internal - and, indeed, I can boot off that external backup and everything is wonderful, but I need to have that exact backup on my new main internal drive. What am I doing wrong? I put a new OS on the new main internal - is that the problem? Should I strip that away, boot from the external, and then try to copy over my external backup to the new internal without any OS on it?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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