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Error removing directory

A month ago I updated my MBP from High Sierra (10.13.6) to Mojave 10.14.2. The SSD drive is now APFS.

I have had some directory oddities appear recently, which in the past would have been sorted out by Disk Warrior. However, Disk Warrior to date is unable to fix APFS SSD drives. As I haven't used the computer much, I'm not concerned about losing any data. So to rectify the oddities, I attempted to use a High Sierra clone from this MBP created with SuperDuper prior to the upgrade in order to reinstall 10.13.6. Twice I have attempted the rewrite. Twice an error message (in red) has appeared at the end of the copying: SD Copy: Error removing directory...Private Directory Data\R and on the next line of the log: Directory not empty.

I realize there may be something functional at play going from APFS back to the drive's original state in High Sierra. Is there an easy remedy to this type of error or is it just best to wipe the drive clean and start again?
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