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Backup Plan Reccomendations

I wanted to ask for reccomendations from you all about how I should setup my backup strategy, part of which involves SD and part of which does not. I welcome all comments.

1 - I have a RAIDed Samba server (running windows). Most of my critical data files end up getting stored there one way or another. The machine is only used for file service, web service, FTP server, etc. The C drive is not raided, only a seperate data drive.

2 - I have subscribed to Jungle Disk online backup. They provide software for Win, OSX, Linux, but presently I'm only using it to backup my Samba server, and only certain critical dirs of the raid are backed up.

3 - I have a ghost image of my Samba Server. This image is not updated regularly. The setup of that machine does not change often. I can probably go back to that image state at anytime and mostly be fine. There is one copy of that image on JungleDisk cloud.

4 - I have Jungle Disk also backing up certain configuration dirs on that samba file server, apache configs, ftp configs, etc.. so that if I have to restore it from the image, I can also restore the last nights configs and have machine working again. I'm careful not to put any other user data onto the C drive of that machine, all user data goes on the previously mentioned Raid array.


5 - I have two macs. They each have at least two partitions on them or disks. Each night SD runs full backup to sparse bundle. I need to put those sparse bundles onto both the samba raid, as well as the online cloud. But I want to minimize the amount of uploading to that cloud. I could just use the cloud service to backup my macs and forget about SD, but I like the idea of having them first backed up to RAID so I can restore very quickly. Actually they are first backed up to 2nd partition or drive on same machine on the same machine, then I copy the sparse bundle to the samba raid, then at night the cloud software uploads the changes in the sparse bundle to the online service.

However, I'm concerned about minimizing the amount of network traffic to the cloud service.

When I copy the sparse bundle from the local partition to the samba, I use cp -p to make sure permissions and dates are preserved, so that the online backup software will incrementally transfer less stuff (hopefully).

I could optionally run Jungle Disk on the mac and use it only for uploading the sparse bundle created by SD to the online service. However, I prefer ot have that done from my samba server so that my macs are left free from that task, which can be long running.

I also have checkpoint imgs of my macs saved on the raid and online, from certain points in the past when the machine was extremely stable and clean. However in order to restore to those, I need backups of just my user data, so each night I save that as well into ~/Backup and that can be copied to Raid and later to Jungle, or direct to Jungle. That includes stuff like Daylite DB backup, iCal export, AddrBook backup, bookmarks, etc.

(deep breath)

Ok, comments please, I welcome any and all suggestions about how to best integrate Mac+sambaraid+online service, using SD, the goal being to both offload as much backup work to the samba server as possible as well as ensure the most redundancy and the ability to quickly restore if and when I need to.
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