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Thumbs up Grey Screen --> Blue Screen --> Hangs

What a great product and support!

However, the problem that I am having right now after a restore is my Mac is not booting up. Basically it gets past the initial greay screen and Apple logo to the blue screen then hangs there with that small circling icon indefinately.

Here is the background:
I have an Intel MBP bound successfully to my home domain and AD running on Windows 2000 Server.
I needed a backup solution to backup all of my MBP across my network to my Thecus N5200 NAS and SD appears just the perfect solution.
Downloaded a trial version of SD and completed a successful 130GB backup to my NAS (no problems). Developed a lot of confidence and faith in SD from looking at your site and excellent support so decided to take the plunge and do my test restore now hoping for a positive result so I can then go ahead and purchase SD.
As I was restoring across the network I understood that I would need to reinstall OSX to get network access so this I did with a clean erase and install.
Connected to the NAS, installed SD, launched Disk Utility, Mounted the Sparse Image (Named: "Tau SuperDuper") then set to restore the MPB (Named: "Macintosh HD"). Off it went and all appeared to be running fine so I came back a few hours later (this was a network restore after all) to find no error messages, all my files on the HD with only 13GB of space remaining which appears correct (one anolmaly is that I saw desktop shortcut icons with missing characters in their names appear after the restore ???).
So time for a restart. Used the option key on boot, selected the newly restored drive --> Grey Screen --> Blue Screen --> Hanging.

So what next? From what I can see I've got total confidence in SD and it is all probably down to some configuration issue on my part but I really do need to get past this and get my system up and running as it was ASAP.

Cheers, AikidoJAPAN
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