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Major Quicktime Problems Sandbox (short version) no Help:(

When I read the Sandbox instructions, (I interpreted) all the important Mac Applications that would require reinstalling the Panther discs would be copied in full so I could try the updates in my shared settings and still save space, using the shorter Sanbox version. Well...

I updated Quicktime and it broke my Toast to iTunes playlist burning. After finally figuring out Quicktime 7.1.1 was the problem and having to start from my installation discs and update EVERYTHING all over agin just to get an earlier Quicktime version... I realized this is exactly what Sandbox was designed to prevent from happening.
So, I created a sandbox to test which updates Quicktime downgrades and Toast updates would work together. I chose the Quicker Sandbox copy, seeing how Quicktime fit the bill of an Special Apple Application that is a nightmare to downgrade.

Only to find after a half hour of creating a short version Sandbox, that Quicktime was not included as an Apple staple applications, and I should have selected ALL the applications to duplicate.

Maybe I missed something, or don't understand Quicktime rules, but I don't remember seeing any reason to think Quicktime would be considered a 3rd party application, and not be included with the other apple apps?

If it's not technically possible to keep Quicktime with the Apple Applications, a notice that it is not included with all the other apple apps would be handy for those setting Sandbox up for the first time. Especially with all the Quicktime problems!

why does it allways seem I learn most by making mistakes?
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