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SD silently failing?

I have a scheduled daily 5:30am backup of the internal disk on my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.6.4) to an external Firewire LaCie Rugged.

Every morning when I get up I make sure a SD window is not displayed (I expect that if there is an error, SD will keep the window open after the failure). If I forget to plug in the LaCie before going to bed, for example, I find an error window in the morning.

Today I opened SD to show a friend and I see that the last backup was yesterday at 5:30, but the text appears in red. I opened the log and see what appear to be a successful backup from December 25. Looking at the target volume, it appears that no backup has run since December 25?!?

I just now launched "Copy Now" from the scheduler window at it appears to be working properly.

So what's been happening since December 25? Why did it not alert me to the daily failures?

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