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Sandbox not recognized anymore...

I bought a LaCie FW800 d2 extreme drive (250GB) external drive and used SuperDuper! to first backup my MacBook Pro 17" laptop. Next I realized that I should have a Sandbox and used 3rd party S.W. to partition the external drive into two volumes, one is named LaCie Disk and the other is named Sandbox. I followed the directions to create a SandBox and had it put the Sandbox system on the Sandbox partition. I did not change the startup disk to be Sandbox, but kept active, the same startup system on Al's Macbook HD. Today I started SuperDuper!, and it immediately notified me it couldn't find Sandbox. Next it told me to press Cancel if Sandbox wasn't available. No other choice available to me but to press cancel. Sandbox was mounted on the desktop just like it's supposed to be, but for some reason SuperDuper! couldn't see it.
I pressed Cancel and quit SuperDuper!. I thought maybe it needs Sandbox to be the startup volume, so I changed the startup drive to Sandbox, restarted and then opened SuperDuper! again. Same message.
I haven't renamed the volume or modified the Sandbox in any other way, but just tried to use it for the first time today.
I reread the manual, but don't see where I have gone wrong yet, can you advise my best next steps?
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