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Sandbox - which drive?


Apologies if the following questions are obvious. I am fairly new to Mac and very new to Superduper. My current set up is an Imac G5 with a 250GB internal drive, and I have just purchased a Lacie external firewire drive , also 250GB. I have read the user guide and am keen to have both the backup and the safety clone, but I have a couple of points I wish to clarify before I let myself loose on the system! My understanding is that the best set up involves partioning the internal drive. To do this I need to create a full bootable backup on the external drive, check that this is working fully, and only then partition the internal drive. I then copy the backup from the external drive to the larger of the internal partitions. I then create the safety clone on the smaller partition. Am I correct?

If the above is correct what size partitions would you create?

Many thanks in advance


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