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Notification, reminder to back up if scheduled copy not possible

I've given up on trying to get Retrospect to back up our small office's computers--it just doesn't work consistently.

Backing up to a network-hosted sparse image with SuperDuper seems to work, but when my colleagues' laptops aren't present for the backup (they do like to take them home overnight!), the scheduled backup of course isn't possible.

I've got two questions

* How can I set up notification so that a user can see that their machine has been backed up overnight? (I've set up Growl, but I think the notification disappears before the user comes in to see it.)

* How can I prompt a user to backup (preferably with a single click) if they return to the network and their last scheduled backup did not occur?

Thanks for the great product--I've just got these two issues to sort out and then I'm home free with the boss...

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