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Xserve on-hold phone music with netTunes

After reading through some posts here, I'm impressed at how thorough the netTunes developer is - good job.

We have an Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.3.9. It currently hosts FileMaker as well as a single share point for basic file sharing. In the same rack, we have our phone system, and currently I have my old 10 GB iPod hooked up to it, just looping through 3 songs.

We recently purchased netTunes and a Griffin iMic; I have already setup the netTunes server, and it appears to work as advertised. The iMic will show up tomorrow and is destined to get sound out of the Xserve (it ships without an audio port).

I have to say that netTunes will not be everything that I was hoping it could be; for basic playback, it looks like a good solution. But the majority of work we will be doing is adding new files to our iTunes library, something I don't exactly have nailed down.

I'm wondering if there are any good ideas for accomplishing this task (getting the iTunes library updated). I can make the "iTunes Music" folder a network share, but when I add a song file, I can't figure out how to make netTunes / iTunes remotely recognize it.
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