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Error messages while booting from external disk

I've been using SD for a while now with much success on a few LaCie d2 and d3 disks. Recently I made a clone on a smaller portable USB disk. When booting from that disk, I see a whole bunch of errors/notifications passing by. The mac does start up after this and everything seems to work.

This was using a Macbook pro running Leopard and using a Freecom external mobile usb disk.

Now I made a SD clone using:
- Macbook unibody intel / Leopard
- Western Digital My Passport Studio 320 Gb formatted as GUID
- clone using Erase, then copy, connected with USB (as the unibody has no FW)

Again, after doing this I can boot from the external disk, but I see the same error messages while staring up. I can't say exactly what kinds of messages, as they pass by too quickly (white on black background). After they have passed by I get the normal login screen and everything works fine.

Has anyone else seen this situation? I've been looking around and there are many situations in which people cannot boot at all from an external disk after having used SD to make a clone, but in those cases they can't boot at all. I can boot, but I receive these ugly messages. Since I get them in 2 different cases with different macs and different external disks, it doesn't seem to be a unique case
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