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Backup and Sandbox

Hi everybody,

I just bought SuperDuper! and I'd like to submit you how I want to use it, so that you can tell me if I misunderstood something.

I have an external firewire hard drive.

I want to use the "sandbox - shared users" option direction partion 1 (MacOS Extended, not Journaled, not CaseSensitive: does it have to be the same as the original volume?) in order to have a bootable external disk.
I than want to backup all the users and the shared documents using "Backup - user files" on partition 2 (same file format as partition 1).

And I have some questions: in the SuperDuper! user's manual is written, that to maintain a sandbox, I have to reboot from it, and install any application I installed on my PowerBook-HD. Isn't it possible to update it without rebooting? Like a smart update of the sandbox?

If my Powerbook HD get broken, will the sandbox be able to boot? Could I explain the sandbox to user the user files on partition 2, if it isn't possible to use those from the PowerBook HD?

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